Is there school Transport?

We do not offer school transport ourselves, however listed below we have information about the options of transport in the local area and through links with our Trust Schools.

Parent Funded Frome Bus 

Somerset Bus Routes and Times

B&NES Bus Routes and Times 

Is there a uniform?

At Somerset Studio School we do not have a school uniform. We do have a dress code for Students, our parent handbook has information about the expectations of school attire.

What do I do if my child is running late?

If your child is running late please inform us by calling 01761 438557 and speaking to reception. Please let us know the reason for running late and when your child is expected to arrive. Any students who arrive after registration need to sign in at the office.

How do I let you know my child is unwell?

To inform us of a student absence please call 01761 438557 and use the student absence line. We ask all absences are reported before 8:50 am at the latest. Please state your child's name, class group and reason for the absence. Any queries after 8:50am, please speak to reception. Please ring each day your child is absent for. 

What do I do if my child is sick?

For sickness and/or diarrhoea- it is 48 hours since their last bout of symptoms before they can return to school. Please ring each day your child is absent for. 

Am I eligible for free school meals?

To apply for free school meals please complete this form from BANES:


If you have any further questions, please contact us.