The 4 pillars of our school

The following is the language and methodology we use to develop and embed our school culture. We use this with stakeholders to support & challenge the school community so that everybody gets to live and work in an environment in which they can thrive. 

Self - Awareness

Employers, family and friends, even new people, all benefit from developing an understanding of their own strengths (praise) and areas for development (action).  It’s useful to know more about your personality and career aspirations to know how you can achieve success.

When you reflect on your own actions and think about reasons for them, you start to be able to predict how you will feel and behave in different situations.  This reduces your anxiety, because you know things before they happen.

Self- Regulation

When you know more about yourself, you can start to control how you respond to new situations.  This helps you to feel in control and to make rational decisions which are better for you and better for getting things done.

Awareness of Others

When you have a better understanding of yourself and can control your actions because you understand them well, you can start to be more sensitive to how others feel and how to respond to them better.

Relationship Management 

When you have a good understanding of yourself, self-control and an awareness of other people, you start to be able to lead others - setting a direction for others, making your points clear and listening to feedback.  This means that you get to influence all the things that matter to you, developing deep and purposeful relationships in work, family and friendships.

School Mission Statement: 

‘Developing curious, diligent, dynamic and skillful young people’