At Somerset Studio School both Student and Staff wellbeing is at the forefront of all we do.

With support in house with our pastoral team, SEND department and experienced staff the students always have someone to talk to throughout the day. 

Our school nurse is in fortnightly to provide additional advice, guidance and support to our students. She can be seen for drop in sessions or 1-1 pastoral referrals. The school nursing service is confidential.

If we feel a student needs some extra support from external agencies, no matter what the issue, our team will work in collaboration to provide the wrap around support for the student.

There are lots of  charities and agencies that can provide you support when you need it. From mental health support, LGBTQ+ support and more.

If you are struggling, please speak to someone. You are not alone.

Please see the links below 

Rethinking Rest Guide

The Rethinking Rest Guide will walk you through the different types of rest, including:

Rest your body, Rest your mind, Rest your ‘heart’, Rest your ‘soul’, Rest your connectivity, Rest your senses.