Parents & Carers should notify the school by phoning by 08.50 if their child is going to be absent that day. If parents have not contacted the school then an email will be sent home to notify parents that their child has not arrived for morning registration. 

If no reason for absence is received it will automatically be marked as unauthorised. 

 For this to be considered you will need to complete an absence form and have this approved before absence by Mr Hain.

Any queries please get in contact with us.

*If you wish to request a leave of absence in expectational circumstances please contact Reception for an absence form.

Warning letter

Pastoral Leader identifies student where attendance is below 96%. 

A Letter will be sent home raising concerns that attendance has fallen to the school target of 96% and the guidance the school follows in relation to absence and mentoring. 

Further absence will only be authorised where medical evidence is received. 

Where unauthorised absence reaches 5 sessions a warning letter will be sent home. 

At 10 unauthorised sessions a Penalty Notice request will be sent to the Local Authority for their consideration.

Attendance below National Average (or declining)

School attendance meeting

If attendance continues to decline, a letter will be sent home explaining that the students absence is now being monitored. Parents will be offered the opportunity to discuss their child’s attendance with the Attendance Officer. This meeting will take place with parent and/or student. Minutes of this meeting will be sent home and a review will take place after two weeks. 

Senior Leader attendance meeting 

If attendance has fallen during the review period a Senior Leader Meeting will be arranged with the student and parents. Clear targets will be set and other intervention strategies will be discussed/implemented. A review will take place after two weeks. 


Attendance Officer will monitor and will contact should attendance decline again.

No improvement

A referral will be made to the Local Authority (CMEO).

Persistent absence students (under 90%) - cases will be managed by the Attendance Officer.